Sponsorship and collaborations
The blog target audience is the beauty and trendy savy everyday women  aged 16 and over, it represents a large and affluent demographic of readers from an ethnic background. Working with me enables you to access these increasing consumer , please Email me for more information on my rates for varied collaborations/advertisements/sponsors.
I welcome proposals for collaborations,  beauty related posts, competitions, photo shoots, social media takeovers, youtube videos and other features.  Such collaborations give your brand the chance to access this growing beauty conscious young demographic. 
Reviews/Product Features
I welcome products for review or to feature, as long as I feel they are relevant and meet a certain standard and quality in conjunction with the work I produce for this blog and my other social media outlets. In return I expect payment or something that will benefit the blog. 
Sponsored posts
I will occasionally accept payment to write posts for brands where the products fit with the content of this blog.
All opinions and views are my own. As of August 2016 all items that have been sent to me for an interest in a review, or as a gift will be marked with an asterix (*) If 'AD' is seen in the title of any content provided by myself on this blog or on then this post is a paid advertorial/sponsorship. Affiliate links are in use on this blog as well as my YouTube channel.
Adverts displayed on this blog are provided by Google ad and I do not  have any affiliation with the companies they feature.To provide the best browsing experience, this blog uses cookies and by visiting this site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. 
Writing commissions, invitations to speak, attending events, Travel, PA, styling work, TV & Youtube commission
I accept commissions to write for others, here or elsewhere.  I am also keen to working with the wider community in events organised by our youth & charitable events.  I am also open to working with brands in conjunction with my youtube channel, as well as collaborating with fellow youtubers in original and engaging projects. For anything relating to the subheading please contact me to discuss the possibilities.
Business/paid content/sponsorship enquiries
Travel Opportunities please contact I am a stylehaul partner. 

Please note: I do not exchange product for post.