Travel essentials

It's that time of the year when every school kid is counting down the days to summer break. Adults are stocking up on sun screen and clicking away booking their holidays. 

A tone of make up for me is not a priority, I just need few basics and I am good to go. 

Fix plus
The perfect spray, the holy grail, the must have. MAC Fix+ Spray is actually a finishing spray. It is designed to take off the powdery, cakey edge from your makeup leaving your skin looking soft and fresh. To use it, simply apply your makeup as normal and then hold the spray about 30cms away from your face, spray and you will notice that your skin looks more refreshed and less “made up”. That’s what this product is made to do. It is perfect for those hot hot days to sprits you skin with even without make up. 

Haute and naughty mascara 
This beautiful 2in1 mascara is a life saver. Use the top wand for more natural curled lashes due to its smaller tube it will pick up less products. For more dramatic fuller lashes use the second wand with bigger tube. From the roots to the tip. This is the "desert island" must have.mascara opens and frames the eye. 

Whirl lipstick 
The best nude perfect for day or night. Matte as well so you do not have to worry about it sticking to hair especially if it's hot outside. 

Extra dimension blush "hushed tone" 
Ohhh who needs a highlighter because this will do highlightling, blush and bronze at the same tine. The colour is perfect to add warmth back to skin. The duo tone colours acts as a beam of light bursting from the top of the cheecks. 

And of course let's not forget a cool and quirky mac makeup bag which comes with a mirror 👏🏽