Huda beauty highlight palette in Harrods

Let's just start by saying that firstly I love this women. 
I admire the fact she started off as every other blogger and MUA and over time transformed into an amazing business women. 

Through her social media she has always shown us the close connection of her family and business. I have had the pleasure to meet her 3 times in person as well. As brief as they may be. 

When the liquid lipstick came out I went straight to FIRSTLY try the items out and see how they wear. Then after a day I had to buy them. When the rose gold palette came out I was expecting the same but was disappointed. For the price you pay and what you get just wasn't worth it for me. 

So when the highlight palette came out I was sitting on the fence. I did go to check it out and do swatches and also try it out and wear it for a day before deciding if I should buy it. Well the outcome is that NO I will not be buying it. The palettes are again expensive from others that are in the market. Not to sound to negative but for that price I would expect more than just a cardboard palette and the products it's self is nothing new from what's already in the market. For example I can spend half the amount and know for a fact I can get something from MAC. 

Overall the palette is good but unfortunately the price puts me off. 
So no I will not be adding it to my collection 
Sorry huda I still love you 😥