Haute Elan London Modest Fashion Week 2017 Designer Avyaana Abayah


The Haute elan #londonmodestfashionweek was a HIT!! international designers coming together to showcase the best of modest fashion. Which is not only catered towards muslim women, even though it has originated from them; But modest fashion is open to anyone and everyone. 
Below are some snaps taken at the show on the 19th February 2017. I also had the opportunity to speak with the designer her self and she is truly a humble and beautiful person. 
(Yasmine, Anosha, Fatiha)

Avayaana in essence means: a strong, powerful and beautiful women.Abayah's reflect modesty via elegance and class. How you dress determines how others approaches you, how you feel about yourself, it is what strangers take away when they have an encounter with you, it projects your mood and it definitely speaks without oral communication.modest women should be nothing but elegant and classy.Abayah's are designed with you in mind, to empower you, your image and your confidence. We want you to feel strong, powerful and beautiful!

please check out https://youtu.be/H8BABqbKG4A for a video showing the collection