Haut Elan London Modest Fashion Week 2017 Bloggers looks

For the first time, London hosted Haute Elan London Modest Fashion Week. This was an even which a lot of people have been waiting for and it was here, loud and shining fashionably bright at the Saatchi Gallery. 

Bloggers from different parts of the UK and internationally attended looking fabulous as always. Bloggers have always been a huge influencer of showcasing fashion to the everyday people, They have been doing this so well that even the big brands have started to notice and realised that they can not always compete with their big expensive ads. So you know how the saying goes, "if you can't beat them, then join them". Over few years you have seen big fashion retailers and brands collaborating with big bloggers to help promote their products. So it was no surprise here then at the London Modest Fashion week when the bloggers created their own runway everywhere they went. 

Yasmine Alom


Zaraarix, Queenofsabba, Fashionfashionista, Simplys.f

Nabiilabee, Mariahidrissi, Razan Masswaden, Sabinaah,

Modest_street, Zukreat

Aaliyah, Dina 

iamndora, queenofsabba, Zara, Sebina

Muna AbuSulayman with Dina