Fake bloggers

this should not come to you as a shock. well to some may be. 
The blogging world is not what it used to be. once up on a time it was when genuine people who had an interest used to blog to get the word out their. their opinion and thoughts. it was real. they were respected and valued. 
now it seems all fake. its who has the biggest following and who earns the most and what brands can offer what. 
dont get me wrong. i am all for making a few buck here and there and getting your name out there. But dont lose yourself at the same time. dont become stuck up and turn your backs on those who actually got you noticed. stay loyal. 
yes i am a small timer but my thoughts are shared amongst many. what is scary and what made me write this post is that many young, girls especially are made to believe that you have to be like this horrible person to be noticed. People are actually getting influenced and made to believe that youtube and blogging is enough to pay bills. well it may be for some but not all. 

it is always best to have a backup, have a qualification and have an actual secure job. i have been on events lately and i was so disappointed to meet these so called bloggers who i had respect for. you can see that unless you are "big timer" their time with you is cut short. 

enough is enough.