Mac must have brushes and cleanser

These would have to be the must have of all time !!!
my favorite brush for the face when it comes to blush, dusting powder or contour powder setting # 137 and then for the easy the best blending brush # 221 which is smaller than the you're 217 but still does one heck of a job at blending. this is because it is smaller therefore i can really get in the crease to blow out my eye shadows. 

now we all have been there and left our makeup brushes for months before we actually clean it.! well i understand why.............it takes forever to clean and then to dry. 
by using a spot cleaning method you can actually leave your brushes longer to give it a soak and the best solution i have found which is not so harsh for the brushes and still manages to get that muck out is the pink brush cleaner solution.