Lip fillers, Nose job and cheek fillers

Hay everyone,

so i get asked this nearly in every video and i just delete it. but then i thought "if i am not answering this topic, am i just letting people think i do it?". its IMPORTANT to understand that i do not dislike the idea of enhancement, its up to the individual to have it or not. i personally haven't had it done on my face and i felt the need to make this video to express how these days we all are pushed to a certain standard of beauty and it seems like everyone and anyone is having it  done. what bothers me is that the age of the these girls having it done.

i do not have it due to my religion and i do try my hardest to try and keep to it. i do not want anyone to think its ok just because they "thought" i have had it done.

each to their own.