Stop shaving your face

I feel like this generation of fashion and beauty have all become followers like a sheep and forgotten how to use their own minds. 
PLEASE TAG YOUR FRIENDS AND SHARE -In a world that any hint of facial hair in women, can be distressing psychologically, faster regrowth rate, and the myth that it will make your hair grow back thicker and faster persists among south Asians. (It doesn’t – it’s just more blunt at the ends, making it look that way.) Lasers are ideal for permanent hair removal, and more effective than shaving. As for the anti-ageing claims of shaving your face, they’re nonsense. Men have thicker, more youthful-looking skin because male androgens cause an increase in skin thickness of up to 25%, compared with women. Shaving might exfoliate their skin and supposedly keep it soft, but if you’re already using a washcloth, face brush or exfoliator on top, that’s serious scrubbing already. Shaving is not only inflammatory (causing sensitivity), but it also makes the skin look more papery and thin. Add a five-o’clock shadow to the mix and you’re undeniably causing your skin damage – and that’s ageing. Step away from the razor, ladies – it’s definitely not your friend. JUST BECAUSE A CELEB DOES IT, IT DOESN'T MEAN WE ALL SHOULD FOLLOW. Be the expert of your own skin.