Makeup revolution flawless and radiant highlight palette

For a drugstore brand you can't really go wrong. It's very affordable and has a fair good colour pay off for what you pay. 

I can't help but see them as "not original" as many other drugstore brand such as:- MUA, collection 2000, sleek and so on. 

It does bring to mind " private label" company. Which means they ALL come from the same factory but then have the factory add the brand label on it. 

If you have had the chance to play around with some of the products then you will understand as to why I say this. 

How ever with that put aside, like I said it's not bad. 

Radiant high light palette I found to be a bit chalky and I had to really layer the product to get a good highlight. This also means the product gets loose because the number of time I had to run my brush against it. 

The eyeshadows however is a winner for me. They are heavily pigmented and in the "flawless" palette you get a good amount of neutrals earthy colours. However majority of them are shiny and have texture to them with very few mattes.  

But that can be mostly down to preference and also the brand do some Matte palettes as well so this is no deal breaker.?