the triangle face highlighting trick

 I know I have i written about highlighting before for my beauty basic page on my blog. But there are just so much to talk about when discussing highlight and contouring. 
I will try and simplify things as much as I can. I am more of a doer not a explainer but I shall try. 

so when highlighting basically try and create or at least have in mind a upside down triangle in the centre of the face. WHY??

1) the upside down triangle sits in the centre of the face, which we try and enhance and bring forward which doing a full glam look.
2) this triangle is you look closely covers all the important sort after areas, highlight down the nose to make it look slender, highlight under the eyes on to the cheeks to make the cheeks bigger and fuller, the highlight on the cupids bow to make the lips look more pouty and highlight on the chin to make it look more pointy which is more feminine. There is sometime some highlight added under the brows to give them a facelift look and also highlight added between the brows on to the forehead to give more of a rounded look, (men usually have the flat forehead)

now just because we see all the instagram and youtuber make up artist do the whole sha-bang on their faces it doesn't mean we all should be. you see all this highlight and contouring really started from the drag scene to feminise the mens facial features. this has then been slowly taken on board by everyone.
lets not forget the lovely Kim K, i would say she is responsible for allot of it amongst the "normal" girls. but less is more. 

at the end of the day we all have our own vision of what we want to look like. if you want to do the hole contour and highlight everyday then so be it. But for some I know it can be scary and not knowing were to start. 

so as a quick and easy guide start by the up side triangle. and then BLEND to the gods. 
remember we only highlight and contour to change the features slightly to make them stand out or disappear. so it is not always necessary to do all steps. you can pick and chose :)