My night time skin care routine ft Charlotte Lacroix


Skin care has always been so important to me. i do have love for makeup BUT i am always worried about my skin. living in London has not helped at all. since moving here and also the fact i am getting older, i did start to see early ageing signs. so i always stayed on top of my skin care. i have tried many products in the market. mostly drugstore. they have been good so far but I was then approached my Charlotte Lacroix, which is a luxury skin care line brand. at first i must admit i wasn't quite sure if i should accept as i didn't just want to put anything on my face, i basically didn't want to take that risk. 
but since receiving it i have tried it out for few weeks before actually dedicating a youtube video to it. i was so pleasantly surprised that firstly my skin didn't fall off lol. i wasn't allergic to anything. i love the fact it is all animal cruelty free product. my skin honestly feels like how my skin was when i was in high school which was like a baby's bottom. 
i naturally have pigmentation like most brown girls so in-order for me to get rid of that i would need something slightly more heavy. BUT pigmentation is something that doesn't bother me. infact i am more worried and concerned about how my skin will look when i am 50.
i truly believe if i continue using this i will have amazing skin because it already feels so good and i have a radiance surrounding my skin. 

formulas are compatibles with the most sensitive skin (S.L.S and S.L.E.S free) and really work. The products are earth-minded, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians. they use unique, natural ingredients that have miraculous regenerating properties for the skin.

plant-based skin care products are free of artificial ingredients that can lead to allergic reactions and breakouts. they only use simple, effective formulas and produce small-batches to maintain freshness and quality..
the Daily Defense line is designed using red tea extract derived from the Rooibos plant. This plant is exclusively grown in a small mountainous region of South Africa. Scientific studies show Red Tea contains many anti-oxidants that increase cells longevity, slow down the onset of aging and improve the skin elasticity.
For our Micro-Sculpting line, they are using the latest technology of argan stem cells. Argan stem cells are key in skin regeneration and very efficient to protect and improve the youthful appearance and skin tone.
the product accelerate the natural repair process to fight the chronological aging of skin.