Marc Jacobs re(Marc)able full cover foundation honey deep

I still do not know why I felt the need to buy yet another foundation when I already have so many full coverage foundations. But that's my problem when I see something new. 
This is the full coverage foundation which is said to be concentrated but light weight.  
The first down fall for me was that it didn't come with a pump. So how am I meant to get the foundation out? 
I was then told that you simply dot the foundation on your face and then use a dense buffing brush and spread it around the face. You only need about 3/4 dots and buff the product before you need to add more for coverage. 
The colour I got was honey deep. The second downfall about the foundation was the poor selection of colours they have. Especially for someone with a deeper tone. However after a rushed (during a break) patch test this was the colour which was recommended for me. 
Before application you need to shake the bottle. The colour looked warm and had yellow tones in it which is great as I have a yellow undertone. 
The application I have to say was one of the nicest I have experienced. It glides on the skin so nicely and yes few dots does the trick. You do not need much which is grate. As the foundation is £37 RRP. 

I love the fact I can not feel anything on my skin. It's not wet on my skin. It doesn't feel dry and it still feels like my skin. 

BUT the last and finel bad thing about this is that the colour was so wrong on my skin yet again. It's due to the fact that they do not have much of a colour range and it seems to jump. This was the closest to me but even then I looked ashy. (See my YouTube video). 

Thank god I had a darker powder. Surprise suprise MAC came to save the day. With my trusted studio fix powder nc45 powder I had to add a bit more colour to my skin so that I do not look dead. 

As I am so used to not having a foundation (which is not Mac) in the correct skin colour. I am used to correcting it and mixing it to balance it out. 

Overall yes it's a good foundation, worth the money, full coverage and beautiful feel. 

BUT makeup brands do to need to branch out on their colour choice.