Inglot foundation and gel liner

A trip into Westfield to meet a friend for coffee turned into a mini shopping trip. 
I popped into Inglot firstly to buy their eyeliner. Number 77 which I have heard about being very black. Yes even more so than Mac blacktrack. But I could help myself and bought some other stuff. 
I bought the freedom system foundation. One a powder and other a cream foundation. The pan it self was of a nice big size but it only holds 9g of product. I also bought the freedom system palette to put them in. 
As I got to the till I remember what I originally came in for. The number 77 gel liner. This is only 5.5g and feels so much lighter than the blacktrack. Mainly because Mac try to make it heavier by putting it in a thick glass container! 

I am happy with my purchase and this was my first every Inglot purchase, I think this brand may not get enough recognition as it should deserve. 

As I browsed though I noticed how much cheaper it is and how uniquely designed it was. I think this brand will be perfect for any starting makeup artist to fill up their kit with. The products are defiantly worth it.