how to cover under eye bags

first step RELAX.

now there can me many reasons as to why we have nags under our eyes. I am a make up artist and I can only advice you on using make up to cover to them up.

yes you will need a concealer. NO you do not put concealer all over the under eye area,

WHAT? i hear you say..........well i am going to teach you how you can use a concealer to create an illusion that there is no bags.

using a brush of your finger tips ONLY place the concealer on the dark areas around the bags. pay close attention to the first picture and then the second one above. the red marks shows the only place you should placing the concealer in a line. deep within the lines the bags has created and not actually on the bags.

when blending ONLY use a tapping motion above the concealer line (example red line) and apply small pressure mostly on the edge lines and the centre of the concealer line. that way the concealer line will blend into the surrounding skin smoothly and the coverage will not be disturbed above the darkest park.

when under eye bags are created, it forms a darker line underneath wit highlights that fact you have extra skin there and drawing attention to it. whereas if you cover the dark line it evens out the skin tone around your eyes and doesn't frame the bags any more.

honesty try it.