10 ways to feel better about yourself

we have all been there. having those days were you just dont feel like your normal self. feeling low, sad, lonely and depressed.
here are 10 ways to make you feel better about yourself which i have tried and still do, it makes such a difference even in the smallest action.

Have a splash. it seems simple enough, but in the mornings i'll be honest i feel so lazy or have the "just do not care" attitude which then affects the rest of my day. i use this relaxing shower/bath time to almost cleanse myself of the negativity that is lingering. it makes me feel lighter and fresh. almost being born again for the day, wiping the slate cleaning so to speak.
be good to your body. input a 10 minute exercise routine into your daily life. we get caught up with life that sometimes we forget, the body that has to physically get us through this. its not fun having a aching body and generally being unfit. not being able to get up a flight of stairs,  with out getting out of breath can be very off putting and result to other health problems. be good to your body and the body will be good to you.
mirror mirror. you have heard it all before that beauty is within. however it is ever so difficult to see that beauty when what you see in the mirror doesn't reflect that. us as humans need to be able to see things first in order to understand and then appreciate it. a simple brushing the hair back neatly and up in a ponytail, fresh light make up application to give you a healthy glow is all that it takes.
watch what you eat. there is no good in looking good when the inside is rotting away. ok thats a little extreme but a lot of how we are feeling comes from within. if we help the inside by fueling it with goodness and the right food and drink, you will have enough energy and natural beauty to last you without relying on cosmetics and surgery. increase fruit and veg and water instead of alcohol, fizzy drinks and junk food.
talk the talk.  when you keep something built up inside, it will eat you up from within. you will lose sleep, lose your appetite and your mind tends to wander off. why ?. you do not have a padlock on your mouth. you are allowed to speak. so talk. i know it's hard sometimes to speak to someone and tell them your problems, but find an outlet, it doesn't have to be a living breathing person, it just needs to come out of you. write it down, make a video diary, voice note or even drive to a remote area and scream it out. but let it out.
smell the air.  sometimes when we are feeling low we tend to curl up and stay within our comfort zone. our home. our 4 walls. whilst it's ok to do so BUT do not get used to it. as humans we need interaction, sunlight and fresh air.  even if it means to get up and force yourself to dress accordingly to the wheather, open some of the windows in your home, grab some sort of music player and headphones, and go for a walk. use this walk time to a) get some exercise, b)clear your head and just look at god's art work. who knows you might even one day pull yourself together and smile at a passer by.
 see no evil hear no evil. in this day and age we are surrounded with technology that sometimes its hard to even go the restroom without one. this is going to be challenging one. most of how we feel and the outcome of our actions is someway triggered or encouraged by social media. you will be surprised how we see something and it stays in our mind. i have stopped watching TV for few years now because i was sick and tired of watching programs even the news broadcasting sadness, which impacts my personal life. i make a conscious decision when following someone on social media. if they look too superficial then i do not follow them. simply because i do not want to be influenced by them. there is no music playing in my household except calm instruments or religious songs. if you do not see it or hear it, then you do not become part of it.
pay a compliment.  we get so fixed on the negative and what is not right with the world that we sometimes forget to compliment yourself. there is not one person on this earth that doesn't have a good quality about them. what is yours?. dont be shy and do not hold back. be proud of what you can do and your ability. compliment your goodness and give yourself a pep talk . be proud.
memories not quantities. this is a materialist world. but you are not going to be taking all those shoes, handbags and makeup with you to the grave or to the old retirement home are you? so use your money and time wisely and create memories. memories  are healthier for the mind and soul. the more you can fill it up, the more fulfilled and happy you would be. you have heard of retail therapy, well that works for a short time and then what? you can not keep on going shopping every time there is a problem.
aim for the skies.  there is no such thing as impossible!!!! honestly. it may be difficult to get there but it is possible. set yourself goals to achieve in this life. write it down or even make a dream board. whatever way you want, this is going to remind you of your goals everyday. those are going to be the images that will pull you up every time you feel down. they will remind you as to why you are working so hard and what it is you are working for. this gives us a purpose in life and helps to set out a path in life.