Travelling to Iceland for new years 2016.

So this was out of the blue and not planned at all. i was fed up with 2015, not that i was not happy with it but i felt as if this year i worked so darn hard that i really didn't have the chance to enjoy myself and give myself a tap on the back. 
so i thought Julie and i would go away and end the year on a high and welcome in the new year with a huge welcoming smile :)

Seeing the northern lights was the main attraction but we both knew it was not garenteed, we kind of saw the lights but not in its full glory 

a nice soak in the blue lagoon was amazing and i really wished i had the chance to stay there longer, but everything was on such a tight schedule.

oh did i mention that it was cold!!! yes snow everywhere i can see. more can be seen on my vlog video above :)