How to get a job at MAC cosmetics

The most asked question on my IG and youtube. its how to get a job at MAC.
the good thing is that i am still working for the brand so i am hoping in the post i should be able to answer some questions.

firstly how i got the job.......well i was already working in the department store which MAC has a counter. so one day i simply walked up to the till and asked to speak to the manager. i asked her if there was a part time position going and if so can i apply. 
she informed me they are recruiting and to hand in a CV to her.

now generally not every has the chance to walk up to a manager and ask if there is any jobs going. so majority of candidates are asked to look on like. 
not mac cosetics shop website BUT  estee lauder companies website. on there they advertise all the jobs for companies that fall under the brand.  you can always google "mac jobs" and the site will come up. 

so, after about 1 week i got a call from the manager asking me to come in for an interview next week. as expected i said yes doing a somersault on the other end of the phone. 

this is the bit that everyone wants to know, well here it is ....

this was a hour long interview. 
come dressed like a MAC employee 
MAC retail artrist (staff) dress in BLACK, makeup on fleek, hair on trend. 
think about the kind of shoes you are wearing also. Clean!!!

you do get asked the general interview questions eg
  1. what is your weaknesses
  2. what are your strength
  3. tell me a bit about your self 
and so on. 
What's your retail experience? 
What do you think you can bring to MAC? 
Tell us about a difficult experience you had with a customer and how you dealt with it
Why MAC? 
What is MAC cosmetics motto? 
Describe a key trend currently?
How would you deal with multiple customers during a busy time and you are currently with a customer?
What does MAC mean to you? 
Tell me something about you that will shock and surprise me?
What do you know about MAC already?
What makeup experience do you have?
What retail experience do you have? 

I can not stress enough!!!!! You need retail and makeup experience or qualification to be working for MAC. it is something  that they look for as that's what the job is based on. 

now it will not be right for me to write down my exact answers on my blog as i still work for the brand and i do not want any or my employers to come across this. it is not a top secrete but the managers do read up on what is being said about the brand to stay up to date. 

HOWEVER what i will say and advice you on is the following..........

  • You must read up on the brand and its history, regarding the founders and the motto ect. there isnt much as the brand got taken over my estee lauder so it is a good amount to memorise. 
  • look into viva glam and mac aids fund, it would be impressive if you can quote some of the facts regarding that.
  • mention artist who in spire you and what is it about them that you like. 
  • follow on some of the current trends and mention them how you can achieve that with some of MAC products. 
  • have in mind the location you are applying for and it would be good to mention what kind of customers shop there. 
  • go in to the store few days before to observe
if your are sucessful after the interview then you will be called into do a trade test. 
this meants its the second and last stage to get the job. 
you will be asked to bring a model with you and you will have to demonstrate your make skills on them under 30min to 1h. at the end of that you may be asked few more of the above questions. 

this process is normally done by a trainer or a senior manager. 

my advice on this part. 
make sure your makeup brushes are clean
makeup sure you know what shade your model is and which colour tone will suite them. 
always act professional even though it may be your friend. this is your time to shine and show the trainer your makeup skills. 
PS stick to the brief given to you buy the trainer and watch your time. 

if you have passed this then you have the job. your probation will be 3 months and hopefully you will pass that also. 

observation is key. find out what kind of services do mac offer such as ...
30 min makeover with is 1 area makeup for £20 which is redeemable. 
1h makeup for the full face £30 redeemable
1h 30 min is a lesson with is £50 and redeemable ect. 
also MAC offer 10-15 instore demo for free

hope this helps