New trendy Jeans sandal boots

I came across these while I was browsing the net for some sandal boots. These caught my eyes, you can live them or hate them BUT they are different. I kinda link them. They seem comfortable to wear and also are available in different styles. Would you believe these were created by a Californian normal girl like you and me who thought of an idea after being inspired Richard and his jeans boots. Originaly some cowboy boots. Now the creator for these sandals danikshoes sells them on etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/DaniKfashion 
They are a little pricey but after looking closely at the attention detail I would say it's an investment. 
Danielleiruginalt from Israel a fashion lover and designer who is always searching for something different and unique. Since she also has the technical knowledge she usually just "do it myself" kind of girl. 
While working in a trendy restaurant in Tel-aviv and in need of cool and comfortable shoes to upgrade her look, sge made myself these sandals, after a lot of people asking, stopping her in the street, and showing interest, sge understood these are not just another pair of cool shoes...