AOM Cosmetics

I had the pleasure of attending IMATS London on Sunday the 12th July. I was working on the MAC Pro counter and I was just itching to see Zukreat of AOM Cosmetics. I remember seeing her first video on YouTube many years ago and instantly thought "she seems lovely". Very quickly I was hooked and followed her journey from doing kardashian makeup to launching her own makeup line. I have only heard good reviews about her products and could not wait to get my hands on them to see for myself. I can honestly say I was NOT disappointed at all. 
Let's start with the blush pro palette. 
12 very pigmented large sized pans in a sturdy clear cover palette. 
They are all easy to blend and creamy to touch. Above swatched pictures have had flash to show what the colour would look like under flash photography. This shows true colour pay off. Off flash they are amazing also. So easy to blend and a shade to compliment every skin tone. The pan size it self surprised me. As I work for MAC cosmetics naturally I would compare everything to MAC as this brand is well known internationally. Not only AOM blush pans are deeper but MUCH larger in size which means these will last you a very long time. You are   getting your money's worth and much more. 
I also got the eyeshadow pro palette which contains ALL of the AOM current eyeshadows. Mixed with different finishes such as matte, pearl and satin (to me). Just like the blush these are supper pigmented. Also like the blush pans you get significant amount of products . There is a colour for any looks desired to be created. This also comes in a extremely well built clear cover palette. 
The above pictures has also been taken under a flash to show its true reflection of colour. I can honestly say I will not need to use a primer to show the intensity of these shadows as they do that on their own. I also love the names chosen for each of the pans for blush and eyeshadows as the names reflect the colour which makes it easy for me to remember hahaha. They are creamy to touch and are of high quality. 
I have also heard a lot about the eyeliner and as my one is running out I thought I would invest in a AOM liner. Under close inspection I was yet again surprised to see the tip of the brush is not like your other makeup liquid liners. This liner reminded me of a muji pen. So fine at the  tip that it allows you to do the finest line and any intricate designs. 
Zukreat of AOM cosmetics also threw in a free goodie. A beauty sponge! You can imagine the level of excitement I was experiencing at that moment. I have not yet had the chance to use the beauty sponge how ever to touch it is the perfect shape and size to hold. The quality of this is as of the beauty blender sponge meaning, it will increase in size when wet and hold its shape. The sponge texture is tight which will give you a smooth and even finish to any cream/liquid products. 
To make my life easy I have applied white labels inside above each pan with the names. After speaking to her and breifly to her husband I can say that they are the most beautiful people I have come across in a very long time. I do not just mean that in regards to appearance but you only need to speak to them for 1 minute and you will see for yourself. Always positive and have a warm approach to their supporters with a smile. I felt as if she wanted to talk and not just talk for the sake of it. I may have forgotten to mention that this lovely lady is pregnant and I know it is not easy working at IMATS. Yet they both have been there greeting every person with an open arm.
I wish AOM cosmetics the very best and wish that my readers have the pleasure to try and purchase their products to really understand and see that a lot of hard work has gone into producing these products. Also as a last note, on their packaging it does say "caution highly pigmented" which I found amusing and accurate. 
To get your very own visit http://www.artistofmakeup.com