MAC full coverage foundation

MAC full cover foundation NC45
basically the same thing as MAC studio finish concealer which is cheaper BUT yet smaller. 
So firstly yes it is full over, which means it is thick and it is creamy. You will need a powder to apply on top to take the shine away and to set into place, The down side to wearing something which is this thick is that if you have texture on your skin and lines, well this will show, how ever it will cover up any colour pigmentations no problem. 

My advice for up and coming Make up artists is that instead of buying this size, buy the studio finish concealers. Also i believe you can buy them in pan form from any pro stores which is even better for as you can put them in to a palette so more space and less money spent. Unless you are working on clients which have the same or similar skin tones then buying a smaller pan makes no sense. in that case i would say buy the larger one BUT this does not come in pan form unless you depot it your self. 

over all yes its a good foundation for full cover but you need to aske your self if you are happy to pay £ 20 something for the large one or £15.50 for the smaller as they do the exact same things, in fact they are the same just called different thing. :)