instant artistry prep and prime highlight stick bright forecast

with all this Kim K highlight and contouring!!! Ok i admit the women is flawless and my god who wouldn't want to look like her BUT there is a limit, a time and place. 

i am talking about someone like my skin tone opting for a nc15 to highlight and they think its ok!!! NO its not. 
try using something which is going to be a couple of  shades lighter and something that is easy to blend with no shimmer if you want it to look natural. 

On my youtube tutorial which will be live end of june. I demonstrate using MAC prep and prime bright forecast. with this i place it in places were the sun would hit. for example, under the brows arch, nose, cheeks, jaw line and chin. 
blend with a damp spong. why a damp sponge? well a damp sponge uses less products and is able to spread the product evenly, whereas a dry song may pick up to much product and move the product to much. 

once you have higlighted then simply dust some powder over to even out your skin tone and carry on with your normal day, there is no need to have heavy contour on every day. you can use your natural skin tone as contour and just add a little bit of highlight like above.  and not below !!!