being a mature student, mummy going to university advice

normal path:- 
high school,
college/6th form
job in the field

But life always doesnt plan out the way you have wished for. it can be a good thing or a bad thing. for me after high school my heart wasnt in books but as i knew nothing about IT not even how to shut down a computer properly i though it would be best if i took a course in it. 
after that i decided i wanted to earn money and buy things, after all i was only 17 it was normal for a 17 year old to have nice things ect. 
i did a pretty good job as well, it may have been in a call centre or a shop that enabled me to buy my very first big purchase which was a computer and then later on i saved enough to pay for my driving lesson and then later on after passing i bought my own car. my self. 
around that time i had thought that i was able to do more and i wanted to learn more. 
anyway life happens and a marriage, 2 children and a divorce later at the age of 31 i finely decided to take that step. 

for me the first deciding  factor was "who was going to look after my children?"
i searched high and low and once i managed to find someone the next step was to apply. 
after applying and being accepted i started a new journey.

most of the information and bout my experience can be seen on my youtube channel video about this matter which will be live mid June. 
i will say this, it was hard and i cried many nights for help but i DID it :)