sensational lace front wig and hair growth journey

i am desperate to get long healthy and strong hair back. 
i know one of the things its lacking is moisture which causes a lot of breakage and  dryness to my hair. so since January 2015 (not the picture above) i have started to dee condition my hair with Jamaican castol oil. this oil is thick as honey and is potent. i have seen a difference in length which is grate but May 2015 i have decided to add some other stuff to my mix to promote the growth even more. i have started taking biotin tablets which is good for hair growth and nails. i also apply coconut oil to my hair and only wash it out 3rd day. with the castor oil i would use is at a deep conditioner heated up and leave on for 3 hours and then wash off once a week. by leaving coconut oil in my hair i cant really turn up for work with oily hair so i have resorted to wearing wigs. its a good thing because it means i do not have put heat to my hair with also promotes health hair.
this hair unit i bought from ebay and i just typed in synthetic lace wigs :)
this wig has ear to ear lace and has tongable hair. i have cut some layers at the front and i like to curl the front to make it look a bit more believable. to hide the tell tell sign of lace with i do add a little bit of concealer to the parting so it matches my forehead more. but lets face it wig is a wig. as long as it doesn't look like a birds nest when i go work im good with it, lets see in 3 months if my hair length has improved.