Face backing, cooking the face and flash back

face backing or cooking the face as it maybe sometimes called is very popular in the drag community. this is a method used to extra enhance the high lighted area of the face to create a much smoother and pour-less skin. 

done correctly with the proper make up it can look amazing and last all day. how ever is using a hd or illuminating loose powder this can create a flash back effect.
full detail on my youtube channel video :)

my advice is use a normal loose coloured powder with doesnt have anything to do with HD or illuminating and don't use to much of it. it does change the real life effect slightly as to create the extra highlighted effect you kind of need those powder. what cani say its a hard life hahaha.
my advice is use a small amount mised in with the coloured loose powder and you shouldn't get that flash back.

like i said when used correctly it can give you an amazing effect.. if it sounds to complicated then here is a last piece of advice STAY AWAY FROM FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY :)