Mac studio finish Orange colour corrector

I understand it can be very hard to correct and almost make your dark under eyes vanish. but is it possible?
yes and no. 
firstly if its in your DNA then sorry to break it down to you but it is something you have to live or shall i say cover up for the rest of your life. Which is not always a bad thing. I do this everyday and it has become part of my daily routine, so much now that i done even think about it and no it doesnt effect me or my self esteem. i guess being a makeup artist help as i know how to cover it up and how much i want to cover up.
but what about for those who dont.

MAC have a orange colour correct (as the picture above) applied on areas that need coving up and then apply your concealer. why do you do this extra step?. well the orange colour covers up the ashyness left being after applying your concealer. you buy a colour correct for redness (yellow) or dark circles (salmon/orange)

if you cant get hold of a "corrector" dont stress all you really need is something that represents the corrector colour. Lipsticks are great subs.
especially if its matte.
apply in the same way and usually they are cheaper.

check my video on this