Yasmine Alom Makeup Masterclass

May 21st 2017 was a big day. For the first time i conducted my independent makeup master class. The class took place at Haute Elan and organised by modest fashion london and project managed by Narjic  . The class had 12 attendees out of 15. i deliberately wanted an intimate setting as it was set in a boutique so there was limited space to work with. it was perfect as it gave me a chance to spread out my pani puri stand and also a photobooth.

Snapbox was invited to set up a photobooth for all the staff and attendees to take pictures at the end with their attendance certificates and have them printed to take home with them. they have been so kind to even bring me my own personalised glass bottles of water for everyone. 
with my sister fatihas and bubbles 

my masterclass was planned to get theory work and visual learning for my students. the first half was going through everything from face shapes, eye shades, brows, undertones, contouring, bronzers and blush placement. alongside talking about the colour wheel. 

my model did an amazing job and we covered 3 looks. all starting from the basic everyday yet flawless and then built it up to a smokey look and then a creative floating cut crease. 

the masterclass was a successful event and one that left me feeling wanting to do more around the UK. so watch this space 
photography by photography_kkh

Travel essentials

It's that time of the year when every school kid is counting down the days to summer break. Adults are stocking up on sun screen and clicking away booking their holidays. 

A tone of make up for me is not a priority, I just need few basics and I am good to go. 

Fix plus
The perfect spray, the holy grail, the must have. MAC Fix+ Spray is actually a finishing spray. It is designed to take off the powdery, cakey edge from your makeup leaving your skin looking soft and fresh. To use it, simply apply your makeup as normal and then hold the spray about 30cms away from your face, spray and you will notice that your skin looks more refreshed and less “made up”. That’s what this product is made to do. It is perfect for those hot hot days to sprits you skin with even without make up. 

Haute and naughty mascara 
This beautiful 2in1 mascara is a life saver. Use the top wand for more natural curled lashes due to its smaller tube it will pick up less products. For more dramatic fuller lashes use the second wand with bigger tube. From the roots to the tip. This is the "desert island" must have.mascara opens and frames the eye. 

Whirl lipstick 
The best nude perfect for day or night. Matte as well so you do not have to worry about it sticking to hair especially if it's hot outside. 

Extra dimension blush "hushed tone" 
Ohhh who needs a highlighter because this will do highlightling, blush and bronze at the same tine. The colour is perfect to add warmth back to skin. The duo tone colours acts as a beam of light bursting from the top of the cheecks. 

And of course let's not forget a cool and quirky mac makeup bag which comes with a mirror 👏🏽


My first independent makeup Masterclass

There are so many people involved in this project. It's just about turning up and doing makeup on a model and that's it. I enjoyed every single
Moment and I cannot to plan the next one.  Organising the sponsorship was the hardest on top of everything else. It seems no matter how much of a good artist you are, it doesn't matter because you do it have the followering numbers of subscribers behind you. But the Ines that came through, thank you 

Here are their IG Handel name 
#spaire #ovalfacebrush 


Huda beauty highlight palette in Harrods

Let's just start by saying that firstly I love this women. 
I admire the fact she started off as every other blogger and MUA and over time transformed into an amazing business women. 

Through her social media she has always shown us the close connection of her family and business. I have had the pleasure to meet her 3 times in person as well. As brief as they may be. 

When the liquid lipstick came out I went straight to FIRSTLY try the items out and see how they wear. Then after a day I had to buy them. When the rose gold palette came out I was expecting the same but was disappointed. For the price you pay and what you get just wasn't worth it for me. 

So when the highlight palette came out I was sitting on the fence. I did go to check it out and do swatches and also try it out and wear it for a day before deciding if I should buy it. Well the outcome is that NO I will not be buying it. The palettes are again expensive from others that are in the market. Not to sound to negative but for that price I would expect more than just a cardboard palette and the products it's self is nothing new from what's already in the market. For example I can spend half the amount and know for a fact I can get something from MAC. 

Overall the palette is good but unfortunately the price puts me off. 
So no I will not be adding it to my collection 
Sorry huda I still love you 😥

The perfect nude lipsticks

Not everyone is able to wear a #nude and sometimes that meant me too. But it doesn't stop me 😌. My go to lip liner with any of these lippys are cork and chestnut by mac. 
In order:- Burnt spice @maccosmeticsuk 
Toast and butter @maccosmetics 
Smoked almond @maccosmeticsuk 
Ghoulish @lasplashcosmetics 
Spice girl @hudabeauty 
Flirt @shophudabeauty
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Huda beauty liquid matte lipstick red mini edition

Possibly my fav red toned liquid lipsticks. 
Mini red collection from @harrods @hudabeauty counter. 
Perfect travel size and it works out to be 4 for the price of 2 full size liquid lipsticks 
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Next to nothing foundation, lip scrubtious , burnt spice liquid lipstick

Here is a must have for those who love to have makeup next to nothing ❤️
⭐️The new foundation #nexttonothing in 9 shades An ultra balmy fluid infused with nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres for a youthful glow that looks lit from within. This sheer tinted cream can be used under or over foundation, or to bring a translucent luminosity to skin. The cushiony, smoothing texture glides over skin, diminishing the look of imperfections and fine lines, while moisturizing and protecting skin. Skin looks immediately retouched 
Immediately improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles
Visibly refines skin texture
Smoothes and softens skin and oil free..........
⭐️Lip scrubtious Get totally smooth lips with M∙A∙C Lip Scrubtious. This sugar-based exfoliator gently buffs away dry and flaky skin, with a formula enhanced by hydrating and nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft and oh-so-smoochable. Available in five flavours. Exfoliates lips
Smoothes and softens lips
Conditions lips,Hydrating
⭐️burnt spice retro liquid lipstick timeless glamour to all-out flash, matte reigns supreme. M∙A∙C introduces a twist on this classic texture with robustly saturated shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. Whichever shade you choose, all promise one thing: a splash of colour in a liquid-suede finish that is impossible to forget.  #maccosmetics @maccosmetics @maccosmeticsuk #macartistchallenge #starartist  #macmixmash  #instamakeup #instadaily  #MACshare #MACYesShare #MacCosmetics #MyArtistCommunity #MyArtistCommunity_UK #MacArtistChallenge #MyArtistCommunityKnightsbridge
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MAC cosmetics new lipglass


57 shades 
A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high-gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over lip pencil or lipstick, it's the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. It's pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic colour. It contains jojoba oil to help soften and condition the lips.
  • Provides a glass-like shine
  • Conditions lips
  • Smoothes lips
  • Apply to lips using doe-foot applicator.
  • Can be worn alone or layered over your favourite M·A·C lip colour.

MAC cosmetics great brow palette

6 shades 
Our all-in-one brow kit has all the essentials to groom your arches in seconds. Build your look with two matte, natural-looking shades and one ultra-creamy highlighter – all featuring smooth, even, mistake-proof coverage. The mini-angled brush glides on colour effortlessly, while the tiny spoolie brush gently sweeps hairs evenly into place.
  • Long-wearing
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Features even, ultra-smooth colour payoff
  • Brow shades make brows appear fuller
  • Highlighter makes brows appear lifted
  • Using the small angled brush provided, apply colour along brow hairline, building as desired.
  • Use highlighter shade underneath brow arches for definition.
  • Use spoolie brush to groom brows into place.

MAC Cosmetics fruity juice coconut sent fix plus

Prep + Prime Fix+ with a new coconut scent. This lightweight water mist is packed with vitamins and minerals to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup. Special packaging with tropical fruit and floral print.
• Soothes and refreshes skin
• Hydrating
• Dermatologist tested
• Ophthalmologist tested
• Non-acnegenic

Glowy pink Lustre Drops accents cheeks with the radiance of a day in the sun. This water-based product applies smoothly with pearlized lustre. Provides sheer, natural-looking highlights with a luminous, shimmering finish.
  • Water-resistant
    • Non-acnegenic
      • Dermatologist tested
        • Ophthalmologist tested
          • For all skin types
          Apply to face with fingertips, sponge or brush.